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Patrick Dorinson
PD Communications

Patrick Dorinson is a communications strategist specializing in media relations, speech and op-ed writing, public affairs, political communications, crisis communications and government relations He has a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with all sides of an issue and build consensus while acting as a strong advocate for his clients. His career is one of creativity, entrepreneurship, and challenge and his reputation with the media is one of integrity and credibility.

Over the last 25 years, Dorinson has been at the center as an active participant in some of the key issues that have faced California and the nation. During the Clinton Administration, he received Presidential appointments in communications to the General Services Administration, NASA and the Department of Energy where he served with distinction. While at NASA he was a member of a special team that was assigned to work with contractors and government officials to preserve the funding for the International Space Station, which is currently under construction. For his work with this team he received NASA’s Exceptional Performance Award.

Upon his return to California in 1997, he spearheaded development of California ISO Communications Department. The ISO was created by the California State Legislature through its landmark 1996 Electricity Restructuring law to manage California’s electricity grid. With no existing model, he defined the organization’s public affairs persona, policies and procedures. Dorinson was instrumental in establishing strong, professional working relationships with the media. During California’s energy crisis of 2000 – 2001, Dorinson managed global media relations and was the lead spokesperson for the ISO, doing hundreds of interviews with media outlets from around the world including NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX News, CNN, the BBC, USA Today and The New York Times. Dorinson and his team won numerous awards for their work from the Sacramento Public Relations Association and the California State Information Officer’s Council.

After leaving the ISO, Dorinson directed public and media relations for the Western United States for Atlanta-based energy company, Mirant, Inc. He provided strategic communications counsel to support the California legislative strategy. These strategies were instrumental in defeating legislation that if passed, would have severely impacted the company’s competitiveness.

During California’s historic recall election of 2003, Dorinson answered the call to once again return to public service. He served on press staff for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign and transition teams. After the election he was tapped by Governor Schwarzenegger to be Deputy Secretary for Communications for the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency, the largest agency in California state government. In this capacity he directed the activities and provided strategic communications counsel to Public Information Officers for 15 departments. While at the agency he worked closely with the Governor’s office on communications strategies most notably the controversial San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge project.

Mr. Dorinson is sought out by clients who have creative writing needs. Whether it is a speech for the CEO of a company or an opinion piece for corporate executives, political or government officials, he has been recognized for his excellent writing skills. He writes opinion pieces and blogs for the FOX News Forum and is a resident blogger on the website of California business and politics, Fox and Hounds Daily. In addition he is the regular political analyst for KSRO radio in Santa Rosa, and is also the political analyst for the Morning News on KFBK radio in Sacramento, had columns published in the San Francisco Chronicle and has been a guest columnist for Sacramento’s political journal, the Capitol Weekly providing analysis and comment on issues of the day.

Mr. Dorinson graduated from the University of Oregon, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in History. He resides in Folsom, California with his wife Carol. His hobbies include reading military history and the history of California and the American West and horseback riding.

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